Jen Bladen

A prince and a pal? A princess and a pal? Either way your head of school is an important part of your yearbook program.

Need help developing healthy communication with your principal?


May 1 is National School Principals’ Day! Celebrate by thanking your school head for supporting yearbook journalism.

There are lots of great resources available. Start with this guide from Quill & Scroll. Your yearbook publisher should have information for you to share with your school administrators, as well.

Together with your adviser, you can designate the yearbook as a forum for student expression. In a forum publication, the administration can intervene only if the speech is unlawful or threatens to incite substantial disruption. Learn more about forum publications from the Student Press Law Center.

You and your administration have the same goal: a thriving and free student press that offers an exceptional educational experience for students both in your yearbook program and out. Thank your administrators for their support.