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Jen Bladen

When you invite me to collaborate with your staff, I empower your team to design and execute their best work with the goal of creating award-winning and journalistically-sound yearbooks through brainstorming with dignity, direct instruction, leadership games and more. To see what a day with me looks like.

I have been a scholastic journalism professional since 1998: as a high school yearbook adviser in San Diego, then as a sales representative for one of the nation’s largest yearbook publishers.

First from 2006-2015 and again starting in the fall of 2020, I have had the privilege of teaching at Harvard-Westlake School in Los Angeles, California. There, I advise the Pacemaker Finalist and Silver Crown-winning Vox Populi yearbook and the multi-award-winning middle school news magazine The Spectrum.

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In 2015, I earned my Master of Education in Learning, Teaching and Curriculum from the University of Missouri and my Master Journalism Educator from the Journalism Education Association.

I am an educator first. At Harvard Westlake School in Los Angeles, I’m the Yearbook Adviser and the Middle School news magazine adviser. I also advise the American Sign Language club at the middle school. At Harvard Westlake, I am also the Chair of the Communications Department of both the middle and upper schools campuses. All these roles I am privileged to lead which is a testament of my desire to help people communicate better.