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Caption: Corey Mundwiler shows me his yearbook: the 1972 edition of Rig Veda at Illinois College in Jacksonville, Illinois. He was editor of both his high school and college yearbooks, and he’s been a rep since the 1970s.

Among my many professional blessings is that I get to work with close friends. My friend and colleague Corey Mundwiler and I worked on a project today wherein he got out his old college yearbooks. It’s so fun to talk with him about his years of experience in this business we both love so passionately. 

He gave a great interview to our newspaper students at Ignite in July. He talks about the history of yearbooks and what he thinks the future might hold. It’s a lovely read. 

I’m grateful to Mundwiler and for him. We work closely together on many different projects and I couldn’t ask for a better boss/partner/friend.