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Jen's consulting philosophy

When talk to students about design trends, I’m not showing them what’s trending in schools − I’m showing them what’s trending in the world. When I talk to them about how to interview, I’m not thinking about how to interview their English teacher − I want them to think about how to interview doctors, lawyers and politicians to increase the depth of their reporting and the impact of the information they gather. My clients value how much I prepare for a workshop or a coaching session. They appreciate how much I bring to the table that isn’t just regurgitated from another workshop or class. I really value that feedback from them and I try to live up to it.

My World at Work

Conference Speaker

Classroom Speaker



Attention Getter

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Yearbook Adviser

Let me do the lesson planning for your school publication. All Yearbook topics are covered within the sessions from concept to production development. 

Scholastic Journalism

I go beyond being a yearbook educator by offering a range of services that will develop future leaders. Among the topics covered within this component are staff motivation, yearbook deadline management, magazine editing, student press law and ethics, and smartphone photography.


I provide in-class coaching, demonstration lessons, curriculum planning and mini-lesson mapping with grade-level teams, departmental teams and individual teachers. Have an idea on how to improve the learning environment for all stakeholders? I'll help you make it a reality.

Group Coaching

The goal of these sessions is to initiate professional development and personal change. Your staff will leave the coaching sessions feeling empowered to take on the process of yearbook production.

I have built my consultancy career on compassionate communication, constructive collaboration and empathy for my clients and students.

- Jen Bladen


The keynote speaker for workshops (virtual and/or in-person).


A skilled and passionate leadership education expert who can guide your teams to be creative, effective and efficient.