Jen Bladen

Journalism Leadership
Education Consultant


Jen Bladen

I am lifelong learner in leadership education. I was the kid who was invited to leadership development conferences and camps starting in junior high school. I was the retail employee promoted to trainer quickly because of my own leadership abilities as well as my ability to empower leaders among my staff. I attended the Gardner Carney Leadership Institute in 2008 and it legitimately changed my life. It inspired me to be the best leader I can be, while developing my gift of teaching leaders to be their own best selves. It is my great passion to teach students, teachers, employers and employees how to communicate compassionately, delegate effectively and reach their fullest potential as individuals and a team.


Personalized journalism education sessions for media advisers

Small Group

Team-building exercises to strengthen collaboration, communication and integrity


Training, mentorship and lesson planning for journalism teachers


Dynamic and inspirational keynote sessions for single-school or large groups (virtual and/or in-person)

You don’t have a staff motivation problem, you have a staff training problem.

- Jen Bladen

You are here because you want your staff to be awesome.

You want to meet deadlines, be on budget and produce spectacular work.

You know that lack of direction can make each of those goals seem impossible.

Even the brightest groups need help finding their way. You are looking for a way to thoroughly and thoughtfully develop a team from a group of great individuals.